Intaglio (Etching) & Relief

Intaglio (Etching) & Relief

The main printmaking studio has two intaglio presses. We welcome many styles of printmaking: woodcut, linocut, engraving, etching, Solarplate™, drypoint, monoprint, and collagraph.

Our dedicated etching room is set up for copper plate etching only, with horizontal ferric chloride baths, and a small “shaker” rosin aquatint box. Art Gym is not set up for nitric acid to etch zinc plates.

Members are not permitted to bring their own acids, mordants or corrosives to use in our studio.

Members are responsible for providing all their own ink and paper.


Press Reservation

Community Work Tables

Scroll down for a list of intaglio/relief area assets.

Contact our Printmaking Director for more info.

Area Assets


  • Griffin press, motorized: 32 x 55 bed, approximate 28 x 42 print area
  • Praga press, hand operated: 30 x 54 bed, approximmate 28 x 42 print area. Simplified pressure gauges
  • Conrad E-24 press, hand operated: 24 x 48 bed, approximmate 20 x 38 print area. Micro-dial pressure gauges
  • CURRENTLY OUT OF COMMISSION - Griffin press, motorized: 32 x 62 bed, approximate 28 x 46 print area. Micro-dial pressure gauges


  • Various small rollers
  • Large, rubber inking rollers of various widths and circumferences


  • Tarlatan
  • Rags (recycled cotton t-shirts)
  • Non-toxic cleaners
  • Paper soaking trays
  • Various felt blankets
  • Ink knives

Shop Assets

  • Large, shared space drying rack
  • Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mounting/Laminating Press, 34 x 26 inches
  • Ideal 1071 Kutrimmer Paper Shear, 28.5 inch max cut
  • Bookbinder's Nipping Press
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