Metalsmith and Lapidary

The metalsmith area at Art Gym is equipped with everything a metalsmith or lapidary artist needs to create. Book one of our jewelry workbenches, or access grinding and polishing equipment. Find everything you need for soldering, basic forming, general metalwork, polishing and cleaning, and lapidary, plus an array of hand tools available for you to use!


Jewelry Bench + Metalsmith Tools

Jewelry Bench + Lapidary Tools

Jewelery Bench + Lapidary + Metalmsith

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Workspace for metalsmith and lapidary artists

with benches, torches, and access to specialty tools.

  • Acetylene tanks with 5 graduated torches
  • Annealing pans
  • Third hands
  • Foredom flex shafts
  • Bench pin
  • Bench vise
  • 6" Rock trim saw
  • Inside ring mandrel
  • Ball peen hammers
  • Rolling mill
  • Ring stretcher/reducer
  • Ring mandrel
  • Two 3M gray deburring 6" wheels (fine and corse)
  • 6” Beverly shear
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Two polishing and buffing machines
  • Sinusoidal stakes
  • 35# anvil
  • Dapping block
  • Rectangle and circle punches
  • Wire forming block
  • 5" multi-purpose vise
  • 8" Drill Press
  • 8” Titan (lapidary rock grinding and polishing)
  • 6” Genie (lapidary rock grinding and polishing)
  • 6” Flatlap
  • Two tumblers
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