Culinary FAQ

Culinary FAQs

  • Culinary membership costs vary depending on your needed hours, space consumption, and storage needs.
  • Costs are competitive with regional kitchen pricing.
  • For more information please contact

Yes, your business must be appropriately licensed in the City and County of Denver. Your licensing requirements will vary depending on your product and business needs (i.e. food truck vs. wholesale production).

Find out more about business licensing at: (City and County of Denver) and operating a business in Colorado at: (Colorado Secretary of State) and Health Code requirements at Denver Department of Environmental Health.

No, the Makers Kitchen is not designed for use by the hour. Membership rates vary based on the number of hours anticipated in a week.

  • Fill out our Culinary Application
  • Based on the results of the application, we will schedule an in-person tour of the Maker’s Kitchen
  • Have a meet and greet to discuss your culinary business
  • Accepted applicants must then provide the required licenses and paperwork
  • Onboard as an Art Gym Member and sign user agreement
  • Make food!!!

We have parking available to Members on a first-come first-serve basis in addition to street parking. A limited number of spaces are available for food truck parking, please inquire for availability and cost.

Members of the Maker’s Kitchen may provide their goods to sell through the Art Gym Café.

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