Welcome to the Art Gym Blog!

Welcome to the Art Gym Blog!

  • On October 4, 2015

Welcome to the Art Gym Blog!

One of the greatest challenges to making art is actually making art


Let’s think about this for a moment: 

If every idea that pops into an artist’s mind could be instantly (magically) realized as physical art, our jobs as artists would be very different. No doubt somewhere in Google’s basement a genius is currently working to solve this problem, but in the meantime, artists eventually have to take their ideas and make something.

Sounds simple, right? 


The reality is, every step of the creative process is filled with decision making and necessary skill sets: Every choice, action and interaction impacts the end product. If at any point in this cycle the artist is limited by vision, skill, materials, money, equipment, knowledge, time, or any other of the infinite hurdles, the art will be limited in it’s manifestation. 


Our goal as artists should be to create the closest version of our intention possible without hindrance by elements that are within our control.  

  • This is not to ignore the reality of disability or elements that are not in our control; this is about what we can impact through training and practice.
  • Don’t discount the power of the happy accident or moment of insight, but our goal should be that our imagination and ideas are the ceiling of our potential, not our technical ability or access to tools and materials.
  • Ability can be trained, tools can be obtained… ideas and our ability to see the world differently are what make us artists.


The intention of this publication is to explore the artist’s journey and the development of the tools we need to succeed. Each article will endeavor to shed light on an aspect of the creator’s life and lighten the load for those of us who choose to walk this path. 

We will explore a variety of topics:

  • Developing your studio practice
  • Technique tutorials across many disciplines
  • Photographing your work + image preparation
  • Advice on marketing your art
  • Speaking about your work
  • Methods for building structure into your creative routine
  • Interviews with artists and other interesting people
  • And more!


Please join us on this journey and engage through constructive commenting and interaction.


Thank you, 

The Art Gym Team


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“Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.”
– Marcel Proust