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My love for nature began as a small child, born and raised living in the woods of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in southwestern Pennsylvania. The thick canopy of forest and clear mountain creek that flowed behind our house were my playground. I would sit for hours by the creek and sketch the dogwoods and rhododendron, the water, and even the wildlife when I could catch it. I later attended art school at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C.. Although I cherished my time at the Corcoran, I often found myself missing the quiet, serene mountain landscape where I grew up. I first visited Colorado just after college and knew immediately that one day it would be my home. Six years later I moved to Denver to pursue my artistic passion in an inspiring urban community while also having the ability to immerse myself in the vast beauty of the mountains within minutes. Here, I can have the best of both worlds.

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I believe art is a unique expression of the complex and diverse experiences of life, directly influenced by people, culture and environment. I believe the intention and energy of a piece of art has the ability to transform the viewer. The concentration of my work speaks to the innate and spiritual relationship between humanity and the natural world. I believe that within the fast-paced and technologically advanced age in which we live the importance of this relationship is being lost. Nature brings us back to our center; it brings balance to our being on mental, physical and spiritual level and on an intuitive level it reminds us of who we are. . Through the content of my work, my desire is to inspire us to honor and protect our earth, and bring awareness to our deep and necessary spiritual relationship with nature, art, and our humanity.

Although I occasionally work with 3-D mixed media, my focus in painting and drawing. I mostly work as an oil on canvas painter or acrylic muralist. I began working in large scale a  few years ago, and I enjoy the and magnetism that large work embodies. My work generally contains a bold color palette and lies somewhere within the spectrum of surrealism. It usually involves figurative or humanistic qualities  that delicately compliment the natural world.