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Chloé Besson is Franco-American artist with a BFA in Printmaking, and a sub-focus in Photography. She is currently pursing her career as a working artist and freelance photographer, designer, illustrator, and muralist. Chloé plans to begin her MFA in Fall 2020.

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Chloé is a visual artist who combines printmaking, alternative processes in photography, and free-hand drawing to investigate the relationship between our bodies and both the natural and built environments. 

Chloé sees parallels between neglected and abandoned environments and hidden or concealed parts of the human form (such as natural fat and curvature, or wounded bodies parts), and seek to express how these hidden worlds echo and reflect each other.

Through mixed mediums, she experiments with mark-making and borrowing elements found in the natural world such as the colors of earth and foliage, and the shapes and textures of rock, water, and wood. Chloé is interested in transposing these elements and those of the human form as a to nod to the interdependency of human and environment. To some extent, she seeks to eventuate the mundane, and highlight the unnoticed.