Hillary Muramoto

  • On March 17, 2018

As soon as I was welcomed as a member of Art Gym, I started spending 8-16 hours there every week.  I immediately loved how open and beautifully lit the space was, how it promotes such an easeful work flow, how kind, welcoming, supportive, and inspiring the people are here, and how much accessibility I have to quality tools I’d otherwise have no opportunity to use.  This space has facilitated exponential growth in my artistry and my personal business.  I have somewhere to dedicate work time, that is clean, that I can afford, that puts me in contact with other amazing artists and people, and allows me to further my passion and produce art to the maximum of my capability and desire.  I needed this.  It saved my life as an artist, or at least… saved me a lot of years trying to figure it all out.