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Art Gym is a shared workspace for both seasoned and emerging artists who are passionate about creating art. If you are dedicated to your art, and are happy working in an open, shared space among other artists, we’d love to talk to you about joining Art Gym!
Just fill out this application (so we know a little about you). Once you’ve submitted, we will contact you to schedule a tour and an in-person chat with our membership director (so you know a little about us).
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If you are interested in Culinary Arts, please fill out our Culinary Membership Form
We offer an Emerging Artist Membership (10% off regular membership fees for 1 year) for artists who are studying or recently graduated. The following questions will help us determine if you’re eligible for this discount!
We are currently experiencing issues with photo uploads. We have temporarily disabled the requirement for photo uploads. Please submit your application without uploading photos. Once we receive you application, we will be in contact with you and request that you email 3 images of you artwork. We apologize for this inconvenience while we work to resolve this issue.
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