Current Porter Scholarship Recipients

2023 Porter Scholarship Recipients


Ambrey Gerlikovsky

Ambrey learned the art of stained glass from her grandfather, when she was old enough to start cutting glass.  She has used this craft to create many pieces for friends and family, including this alien abduction piece which was made for her mother’s funky garden room in her home.

Follow this link to see more of Ambrey’s stained glass on Instagram:


Catherine Robinson

Catherine is a landscape painter and book artist.  Her work investigates the numerous technologies that people have employed over time to store knowledge.  The mnemonic devices employed by non-literate cultures to preserve knowledge included landscape and other natural items.  Books are a more commonly known technology for preserving knowledge.  Catherine’s work asks the viewer to consider these relationships, and to build a deeper respect for our land and the people who live on it.

You can see more of Catherine’s art at: