Current Create Awards Recipients

2023 Create Award Recipients


Alex Blom

A graduate of the University of Denver, focusing on printmaking, painting, and mixed media/sculpture. Alex will blend religious tradition and contemporary art by reimagining the stained glass windows found in Catholic churches. By recreating the familiar spiritual stories, a new narrative that celebrates the modern queer culture will be told through the installations. To accompany the plexiglass panels, Alex will create an altar using prints, paintings, and candles to depict the modern interpretation of marginalized communities.

“Being able to push myself professionally has been my biggest challenge since completing my degree and I knew that the Create Award residency would allow me to thrive in a close cohort while also connecting with the artists creating around me.”

Instagram: (personal @al.blom)



Kate Sawyer

A graduate of the University of Tulane and a current Art Gym member focusing on printmaking. Kate will reflect on what it means to be home. Returning as an adult and opening the door to the past stirs childhood emotions now depicted through a new lens.

Digging into their background in archeology, a series of mixed-media printmaking, video, and installation works will unearth the memories and layers of the past to create the three-dimensional installation. Meaningful and symbolic, the idea of home will go beyond concrete walls, evolving as a concept of emotional connections that change through our different stages of life.

“I look forward to growing as an artist and stepping into a more serious, full-time creative role throughout the residency.”



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Sarah Woodward

A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the Siena Art Institute in Siena, Italy.  Sarah will draw on her study abroad experience to create a two-part project exploring how internal truths are revealed when faced with foreign environments. This raw, self-reflective installation will include emotional, personal journal entries about her experience. Then she will bring those entries to life through an immersive experience that transports viewers to her journey overseas.

“I am looking for a collaborative and creative community to continue my learning and to help navigate the transition from school to the professional art world.”

Instagram: @sarahwoodwardart