Past Porter Scholarship Recipients

Past Scholarship Recipients


Zach Armijo

“This experience has been a great opportunity to explore the various concepts I have always wished to dive deeper into, while having the chance to discuss the outcomes amongst the Art Gym community. With this opportunity, I’m learning to fall forward when an idea or concept that does not come to fruition as it would seem and move forward which is helping develop and maximize my artistic skills. I am excited to continue working on projects, while having a space and resource to further enhance my artistic growth.”

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Ian Crawford-McKinney

“So far, this has been an opportunity to come up with new ideas and find my niche.”


Colleen Hennessy

“I am making the most of my scholarship opportunity at Art Gym. Being able to spend hours each week in the painting studio has helped me focus and improve my craft. Art Gym kindles my creative fire, as I strive to express my work in vibrant colors.” 


Jae Zander-Kitinoja

“The residency has really helped me to keep up with my painting goals, on top of giving me the confidence to just go for it! This year I’m going to focus on animation, I hope to be just as experimental and productive as I was with my abstract paintings.”


Julie Kitzes

“This opportunity to work with Art Gym has been great as it’s been giving me the resources and motivation to work on my illustrated book about mental health – “Shit I Learned in Therapy…But With Cats”. I’ve also felt inspired by my surroundings to work on some other pieces such as this macaw, not as part of a project, but just to practice and continue my growth as an artist.”

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Payton Landes

“The Porter Scholarship allowed me to add printmaking into my practice. The combination of financial and technical support with no need to produce something final allowed me the space to experiment and create my own voice in relief printing. I ended those six months with a newfound passion for printmaking that will last the rest of my life as well as many supportive relationships with staff and members of art gym.”


Ambrey Gerlikovsky

Ambrey learned the art of stained glass from her grandfather, when she was old enough to start cutting glass.  She has used this craft to create many pieces for friends and family, including this alien abduction piece which was made for her mother’s funky garden room in her home.

Follow this link to see more of Ambrey’s stained glass on Instagram:

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Anna Pausch

“Since relocating from NYS, working at the Art Gym has provided a welcoming community and elevated my studio practice.  With access to presses, rollers and ample space I have been able to carve large blocks more easily, print efficiently and lay out large projects.”



Catherine Robinson

Catherine is a landscape painter and book artist.  Her work investigates the numerous technologies that people have employed over time to store knowledge.  The mnemonic devices employed by non-literate cultures to preserve knowledge included landscape and other natural items.  Books are a more commonly known technology for preserving knowledge.  Catherine’s work asks the viewer to consider these relationships, and to build a deeper respect for our land and the people who live on it.

You can see more of Catherine’s art at:

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Tyson Speer

“In 2015, I died for 7 minutes and was revived, allegedly. What I presuppose is that I wasn’t, and that all of this is just some sort Bardo state. Some manifestation of my subconscious that I may or may not have some overarching influence on. Everything I create is either confirming or denying this hypothesis.”