Kayla Houdek, Positive 2


Linoleum Cut with Oil Based Ink, 8” x 10.5”

This piece is unframed

During this pandemic I’ve had to learn to live with a new me. I was used to the fast paced life of working and going to school in NYC. Things slowed down drastically for me after my job closed down and online classes came to an end. This new abundance of time has been great, I’ve been able to get much needed rest and focus solely on my art like I’ve always wanted. It’s also been terrible–not having set agendas for the day has created anxiety, an anxiety that has always been there, but now just heightened. When I don’t feel I’m being productive enough I start to beat myself up for wasting this precious time I’ve been given. During this time I’ve transitioned from analyzing and annoying myself to feeling incredible happiness that I get to wake up each day and my only obligation is to create. So in these pieces I decided to depict myself. Similar to film, the positives and negatives you get or the pros and cons of the person you’re always dealing with pandemic or not.


IG: @artbykaylahoudek

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Kayla Houdek


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