Screen Print

Using colors that pop and textures that captivate, create a visually engaging print in our open and inviting screen print studio space. Designed for flat stock and fine art printing, utilize the two hinge clamp stations, each fastened to separate large 8-foot tables to produce work up to 31×40 inches. With the convenience of an all-in-one preparation and storage light-safe room, you can seamlessly coat, expose, washout, reclaim, dry, and store your materials. Art Gym provides everything but your ink and paper. 

Materials provided by Art Gym: screens, squeegees, emulsion, stencil remover, degreaser, separate scrubbing pads for washing out and reclaiming, and rags. Members are encouraged to utilize our Digital Lab’s large format Epson printer with our 24” in-house film to generate their positive separations for screen print. 

Art Gym is not an apparel printing studio. We do not facilitate the printing of t-shirts, tote bags, etc. Plastisol ink is not permitted. Only water-soluble, acrylic-based ink can be used in our studio. 

Contact our Printmaking Director for more info.

Area Assets


  • Aluminum screens, reservable by the day, each measuring 23 x 31 inches. Three different mesh counts available: 156, 200, 305
  • Shelving units for members to store a few of their own screens if needed. Storage space is limited and not guaranteed

Exposure Unit

  • NuArc MSP 3140. Can expose screens as large as 31 x 40 inches


  • Ranar Econo XL washout booth with dual water sources: garden hose for screen prep and pressure washer for reclaiming


  • Multiple squeegees of various widths, all 70 durometer


  • No outside emulsion is allowed. Art Gym provides IMS902 Purecoat Optima Emulsion: a diazo-photopolymer emulsion designed to exhibit excellent resolution while having outstanding resistance. It is blue in color for easy registration viewing and exhibits very fast exposure speed
  • 18 inch wide dual-edge emulsion scoop coater
  • CCI ER35 stencil remover is low odor, safe on all types of mesh, non-hazardous, biodegradable and drain safe. Respirators are recommended and are the responsibility of the member/artist

Shop Assets

  • Large, shared space drying rack
  • Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mounting/Laminating Press, 34 x 26 inches
  • Ideal 1071 Kutrimmer Paper Shear, 28.5 inch max cut
  • Bookbinder’s Nipping Press