Produce high-quality prints using one of two lithographic presses: a large motorized press for plates and a hand press for traditional stones. The multi-step process in this age-old art form allows for intricate details and refined tones to create rich, vibrant prints. To work with stones, printmakers must demonstrate prior training in stone lithography. Once approved, the studio will be your oasis, so bring your ink, papers, and ball-grained aluminum or photo plates.  

Materials provided by Art Gym include basic lithographic chemistry (nitric and phosphoric acid), solvents (litho-tine), asphaltum, gum arabic, carborundum, rollers, Shop Mix black ink, cleaners, and rags. Members are encouraged to utilize our Digital Lab’s large format Epson printer with our 24” in-house film to generate your positives for photolithography. 

Contact our Printmaking Director for more info.

Area Assets


  • Griffin Press, motorized: 36 x 60 bed. For plate litho only
  • Griffin press, hand operated: 32 x 57 bed

Lithographic Stones

  • Small and medium stones of various sizes, ranging from 10 x 12 up to 22 x 28
  • 5 levels of carborundum grit
  • Steel levigators


  • Large, rubber composition rollers of various widths and circumference
  • Leather inking roller (black ink only)

Photo Plate Preparation and Processing

  • Overhead exposure unit with vacuum. Expose photo plates as large as 28 x 38
  • Positive working photo plate developer + large developing trays

Shop Assets

  • Large, shared space drying racks
  • Seal Masterpiece 500T-X Dry Mounting/Laminating Press, 34 x 26 inches
  • Ideal 1071 Kutrimmer Paper Shear, 28.5 inch max cut
  • Bookbinder’s Nipping Press