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Member Spotlight: September


Judith Gilman

I have lived in four different states and fortunately for me experienced beauty in each. In Minnesota, where I was born and lived until four, it was the many lakes besides great parks for picnicking. In Eastern Washington, where I spent my elementary years, I learned to love the beauty of dry plains and yellow wheat fields with purple- colored mountains in the distance, an image I loved drawing whenever our classes had us spread out on the floor on Friday afternoons to draw whatever we chose. My junior and senior high years were spent in Portland Oregon where numerous rains led to mountain paths covered in lush green ground foliage and very tall evergreens and beautiful bodies of water. But, as a college student and adult, I chose Colorado whose beauty is rough and forceful. Our mountains are our grounding point, and our beauty source, and our recreation.

I began painting in oils during my retirement, and, when I wanted to paint while traveling without having too much to carry, I added watercolors. I first studied with Steve Tracy at Foothills Art Center and then moved to Art Students League where I studied under Sandra Kaplan and Rob Gratiot. I showed my first paintings in 2009 and began selling in 2010 when I opened Judith Gilman Studio.

Joining the Art Gym was a choice as I wanted to connect with other artists and use some of the materials available there to expand my art experience. I hope to add jewelry making to my repertoire. I have enjoyed taking several classes offered to expand my abilities. I have also enjoyed and learned from my fellow artists during the monthly critique groups. I get a lot from the contact with the highly successful artists brought in to lead the discussions, but also the helpful comments of the other artists sharing their works.

What I hope people get from my work is an emotional reaction as they see the beauty of the world reflected in my interpretive reality style of painting. The most impactful influence that stands out in my mind was when viewing an exhibit of works by Matisse. I felt the emotional strength and courage of his painting and felt it gave me permission to paint as myself.