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Art Gym Gallery is so thrilled to present Impressed: Upside Down, the fourth in a series of national juried printmaking exhibitions in the Art Gym Gallery. Join us for an opening reception on March 19 from 5-8PM.

Impressed:Upside Down brings together works from 30 artists across the country. The work is tied together by the strange and often surreal idea of everything being connected. Plants, animals, the earth, and humankind all began at the same place. Through change and choices, evolution and environment, we have arrived where we are today.

Tonja Torgerson explains in her artist statement “My prints explore the internal and external factors that compose one’s identity. Organs, blood, and bones intertwine with flowers and floriography. I am interested in this collision of nature with the body, and how it creates a difficult beauty and a pleasant anxiety.” While Brandon Williams states “I am interested in time and how it visually affects locations. The tension between the built environment and the natural environment, and how the two compete over the years against each other is fascinating to me.”

Included in the exhibit are: Rene Hugo Arceo, Martin Azevedo, Peter Baczek, Kristen Bartel, Jonathan Cartedge, Marc Cote, Julia Curran, Virginia Diaz Saiki, Wendi Dibbern, Justin Diggle, Thinh Dinh, Amanda Durig, Juana Estrada Hernandez, Jessica Gross, Todd Herzberg, Tiana Honda, Raluca Iancu, Sarojini Johnson, Wesley Kramer, Jun Lee, Neal McCormick, Hailey Quick, Taro Takizawa, Tonja Torgerson, Brian Wagner, Art Werger, Brandon Williams, Harris Wiltsher, and Elizabeth Younce.

To read the artists statements or for information on pricing, please view the Impressed: Upside Down PDF.

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