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Art Gym Denver is thrilled to exhibit Moment of Clarity by Kaira Delfosse and Sky Above by Marilyn Rea Nasky in the Common Space Gallery with an opening reception May 23 from 5 – 8PM. Moment of Clarity is a series of text-based paintings discussing epiphanic moments in artist Kaira Delfosse’s life, while in Sky Above, Marilyn Rea Nasky explores her love of Colorado nature through experimental watercolor techniques.

In reaction to recent events in her life, as well as in the political climate, Kaira Delfosse was able to find solace in painting. Her new series Moment of Clarity is made up of text-based paintings referencing epiphanic episodes where everything becomes clear to her. At times in her life, it seems as though the clouds open up and light is shed. In these moments, she strives to hold onto the information gained in order to create a painting later about the clarity. Delfosse starts first with masking out text onto large paper or cloth, covering the negative space with tape, leaving the substrate exposed through the text. She then paints in large actions, adding a visual reference to the text and point in time she is depicting. After removing the tape, what is left are the words and color mirroring the moment in which she first received the clarity discussed.

After returning here to her home state of Colorado, painter Marilyn Rea Nasky was overwhelmed by the beauty of the aspens, which she has missed terribly while living in Texas. When packing for the move, she only had space to pack watercolors. While talking about the motivation for the series, she said “I always told myself that if I ever moved back, [to Colorado] I would paint the aspens. They don’t have aspens in Texas.” Not letting the lack of medium options stop her, she set out to create an experimental series exploring her love of aspens. In her artist statement, Nasky explains “watercolor was ‘my first love’, but I had purchased the new Golden QoR grounds and pigments and began a two-year investigation of application techniques on paper and canvas.” The result of this two-year investigation is Sky Above, a series of paintings showing a view of the sky through Colorado’s beloved aspens trees.

Join us on May 24 for an artist demo with Marilyn Rea Nasky titled The Lazy Artist from 2-4PM.

Also opening at Art Gym Denver is Digital Embodiment curated by Art Gym member Mary Grace Bernard in the Art Gym Gallery. Digital Embodiment explores means of performance art through the digital sphere. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, May 23 from 5-8PM.

Both exhibits and the artist demo are free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 9AM – 6PM. They will be on display from May 23 through June 14, 2019.

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Descendence, a series of paintings by Lynn Mandziuk exploring life and death through landscape.
Open from June 20 – July 11
Opening reception: June 20 from 5-8PM

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