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Common Space Gallery is proud to announce Ink and Thread, an exhibition of embroidered relief prints by Sarah Derosier, and Moonlight Insights, a new series of drawings by Eric L. Porter. The exhibition will be open from November 7 – November 29. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, November 7, from 5-8 PM.

Sarah Derosier’s newest series Ink and Thread combines embroidery with linocut relief prints, using the strengths of both mediums to counter each other. The flatness of the relief prints is contrasted with the dimensionality of the overlapping embroidery, causing a push/pull action in the compositions. The prints focus on the figure, referencing the identity of the artist. They are presented in their embroidery hoops, highlighting the raw materiality of the figure and how we view ourselves. Derosier explains in her artist statement:

“As an artist, I find myself drawn to explorations of identity and the intersections found therein. I am inspired by artists such as Kiki Smith, Janine Antoni, and Frida Kahlo. I prefer to keep my pieces small, encouraging a personal experience, as I explore my own inner world tracing the overlapping paths of personal identity, experience, and interpretations of the outside world.”


After a series of drawings were destroyed, Eric L. Porter was forced to reset his art practice and examine the relationship between his identity and his drawing. The result of this exploration is his newest series Moonlight Insight. He explains in his artist statement for the series:

“These images came to me after a local vendor ruined an entire series of my work. My full-speed creative productivity came to a dead stop, and my ever-present drawing skills disappeared entirely. The crisis of identity hurt much worse than the ruined work – if I can’t draw, who am I?

“Insomnia visited regularly during this trauma, and we talked about the experience and fallout. After several weeks of pondering facets of Loss, I gathered materials, went to the studio, and … stared at the materials.

“Each of these images presented itself to me only after I quieted my mind and spirit – no easy task at the time. I found that examining an issue by quiet, inquisitive moonlight (real and metaphorical) led to surprising insights about the truer nature of the issue.”

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Holiday Fine Arts Festival
Open from December 5 – December 24.
Opening reception: December 5 from 5-8PM

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Mission Statement

The goal of the Common Space Gallery is twofold: (1) to give a space for emerging artists to learn and practice the necessary steps for exhibiting, i.e. writing an artist statement, titling pieces and the show, presenting the work professionally, etc. (2) to activate the exhibiting member’s art making and productivity.