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EXTENDED: Open March 4 – April 18

Part of Denver’s Month of Photography, “Exposure: Architectural” includes a collection of 20 works from photographers across the country.

Bound together by color, form, light, and shadow, these photographs pull you in by asking you to admire them through a different perspective. The shape of the sky in contrast with a building, walls that mimic a Mark Rothko painting, and facades that make you question what you are seeing. Minimalism, and capturing only what the photographers see right in front of them is present throughout all of these works.

Brenna Hilgers says in her statement, “My photography is surrealistic with a taste of American Precisionism. I create dreamlike, illusionistic imagery while combining aspects of reality; I don’t stage my compositions. My compositions are meant to have multiple perspectives and interpretations while being aesthetically pleasing. I do this by manipulating, inverting, abstracting, and juxtaposing objects in my imagery. When taking photos, I look for illogical shadows, reflections, texture and line. I often use a limited color pallet to push other design elements further.” Erin Karp mentions, “My work is a meditation on calm & an expression of my curiosity. For me, photography is a way to slow down & breathe in my surroundings, to seek out tranquility amidst chaos, & to find beauty in an often times ugly world. I find elegance in architectural details that others typically fail to notice, as I embrace momentary juxtapositions of light, shadow, shape, & color that collectively make my heart sing.” Lastly, Ken Konchel states, “My aim is to photograph buildings in arresting ways, creating compositions that do not immediately reveal themselves as architecture. Buildings present rich opportunities for me to imaginatively explore the angle, the cube, the curve, the triangle, and the rectangle. By examining these forms individually or by grouping them into unconventional configurations, I aspire to challenge and captivate people by introducing them to architecture’s intriguing visual possibilities.”

Included in this exhibition: Neil Berkowitz, Emily Denton, Timothy Durant, Christopher B. Fowler, Larry Halff, Jeremy Harrison, Brenna Hilgers, Erin Karp, Richard Knight, Ken Konchel, Deborah Leavy, Maddy Loucas, Malcolm Murray, Naidaniel Nelper, Gregory Piazza, Reza Rostampisheh, Daniel Sarché, Kathryn Scott, Marianne Weingroff, and Andrew Wohl.

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The MorphoTransverse Method (MTM)
Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson

April 22 – May 23

Mission Statement

The Art Gym Gallery provides a space for artists to explore their creativity and push their process in ways that are difficult in other spaces in Denver. Thought-provoking, innovative, or otherwise experimental exhibitions are at the heart of the gallery.

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