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Lio Bravo-Bumbakini, “Wake Up, Mr. Flowers”

Open January 20 – February 20

Art Gym Gallery is excited to present, “Wake Up Mr. Flowers”, a solo exhibition of new work by Lio Bravo-Bumbakini. Please join us for an opening reception on January 20th from 5-8PM.

Lio Bravo-Bumbakini is a self-taught artist who paints the modern experience in swaths of folkloric imagery inspired by his African descent (Congo-Zaire) and Euro-Centric (Belgian) upbringing. His works consist of large-scale murals, canvas paintings, drawings, mixed media work, and performative installations. Bumbakini’s work speaks to cultural and individual identity, as well the impacts of globalization, environmental degradation, and capitalism. His experience as a man of color in America, his Euro-centric upbringing, in triage with his strong African roots are facets of his life that greatly influence his work.

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Mission Statement

The Art Gym Gallery provides a space for artists to explore their creativity and push their process in ways that are difficult in other spaces in Denver. Thought-provoking, innovative, or otherwise experimental exhibitions are at the heart of the gallery.

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