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On view April 18th – May 19. Please join us for the opening reception on April 18th from 6-9pm.

Two artists, one narrative, and an exhibition that weaves together the outside world with the inside for a dynamic display. Infusing hand-embroidered paper with wood and wax wall sculptures, mixed-media artist Jamie Gray and embroidery artist Nora Schuchat collaborate on a joint exhibition showcasing their work’s seamless flow. Through an artistic dialogue, their unique interpretations complement each other by intertwining themes of nature versus nurture and memory versus experience. Gray uses elements of nature like pebbles, feathers, and mushrooms to create wall sculptures, while Schuchat blends hand-embroidered paper pieces for delicate textiles. A conversation through art, a celebration of friendship, and an exploration of new experiences results in the synergistic show The Texture of Time. Thank you to Ratio Beerworks for providing beer for this event!



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Mission Statement

The Art Gym Gallery provides a space for artists to explore their creativity and push their process in ways that are difficult in other spaces in Denver. Thought-provoking, innovative, or otherwise experimental exhibitions are at the heart of the gallery.