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Open April 22 – May 23
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The exhibition, modeled after wellness trade shows, presents a “trademarked” technique for self-improvement. Blurring the space between the sincere with the commodified, the meditative with the manipulative, and the immersive with the loss of self, this branded project is


Together, we will turn your goals into results and uncover your unique level of stability so you can reach a superior state of existence. We use proprioceptive exercise modalities to align your best body with your best mind.

. . . . . . . . . . . . DISCOVER THE BETWEEN BODY SPACE . . . . . . . . . . .

All you need to do is BE PRESENT.

The MorhpoTransverse Method® was established by co-creators Annie Kielman and Joshua Patterson as a means of exploring cult as a belief system both inclusive and secretive. This project addresses the overlap of historical ritual and safe spaces as well as the effects of relinquishing autonomy for a group identity, particularly as a result of alienation under late capitalism. They built MTM from a collaborative examination of ritual and how it can manifest as the repetition of identical steps that become hierarchies within a belief’s structure. Their unique backgrounds collided to unearth a place where ritualized athletic movement could become spiritual exertions that correct muscles imbalances and trauma cycles.

While the MorphoTransverse Method continues to evolve in many directions, it primarily manifests as “Trial Experience” events that include a movement-based performance where viewers are given instructional literature and are guided in both physical and cognitive amoral exercises.

DECIDE.COMMIT.THRIVE asks if you’re ready to experience change.

Use the below links to access the full MorphoTransverse Method Initiation Experience for the first time from the comfort of your own home.

Viewable online between April 22nd-May 23rd 2021, watch the DECIDE.COMMIT.THRIVE Film Experience Digital Premiere!


Meet with a consultation specialist to discuss your goals for connectivity and work through foundational initiation exercises to prime you for accessing the Between-Body space. These consultations can be conducted on-site at Art Gym Denver, or remotely through your web browser.

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Mission Statement

The Art Gym Gallery provides a space for artists to explore their creativity and push their process in ways that are difficult in other spaces in Denver. Thought-provoking, innovative, or otherwise experimental exhibitions are at the heart of the gallery.

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