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Echo Bloom: Maggie Johnson, Diana Harper, Josh Kendall Reception

August 4, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Three images collages vertically, of a fabric sculpture, a video projection of patterns, and a monoprint of flowers and gestural marks

Open July 28 – August 21. Reception on August 4.

Art Gym Gallery is excited to present an upcoming Member’s Exhibition, with new work from Maggie Johnson, Diana Harper, and Josh Kendall . Please join us for an opening reception on Thursday August 4 from 6-9PM.

Maggie Johnson

I am a visual artist exploring the world through a spiritual, co-creative, and self-reflective lens. I use my art practice to access a grounded, meditative space where I am able to co-create with universal energy. I often consider astrology in my work, which helps me to understand the world and get closer to my own truth. This process is healing, liberating, and helps me to cultivate intuition and trust in myself. I have found that the more trust I build, the more I understand who I am. I believe that finding deep understanding of ourselves leads to deep understanding of each other. This is a catalyst for real connection and social change. The result of this process is work that is liberating, vibrational, energetic, and full of life. I rely on my innate sense of relationships and balance as the foundation of my work. My mark-making is raw and I choose my colors intuitively. My chosen mediums of silkscreen monoprints, drawing, and painting allow me to create in a quick and deliberate way so that I don’t overthink the work. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and was raised in Louisville, Colorado. I spent my 20’s in the Bay Area and in Portland, Oregon where I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2017. During my design career I have created work for a wide range of clients from local companies to global brands. I now live in Thornton, Colorado with my family.

Diana Harper

I make art to reflect the joy that I find in the world. My work is heavily influenced by dancing, community, and color. I utilize weaving, tufting, and crochet which are all repetitive and mindful processes that give me solace in my day to day life. My focus is in home textiles and interactive art because I want my work to reach the viewer in their lives in a way that creating it reaches mine.

Josh Kendall (in collaboration with Carol Ann Carter)

Lost Until Found

Finding Meaning In Our Lost Self

Have you ever been lost in a thought? Witnessing the waves of obscured meaning as sense memory and thoughts coalesce like the arrival of fog. Your eyes relax, your mind either softens or sharpens as images, sensations and feelings color the scene.

Lost Until Found is the longstanding collaboration between artists Carol Ann Carter & Joshua Kendall exploring the edges of memory and story as we are drawn into the hidden depth and texture of her layered artwork. Carol Ann provides the foundational collection of journal entries and digital prints as Josh weaves us through this dreamscape of the mind, floating in a space between the past and present. Isolated figures with torn edges provide a focus to the created atmosphere peppered with words and story hidden within. The viewer is left exposed in the space to reflect on themselves until found.

Josh & Carol Ann’s work together began in 2002 at the University of Kansas where Josh was a film & journalism student and Carol Ann was a professor of fine art & painting. Carol Ann’s mixed media work centers around found textures combined with lost objects that she digitizes into the final prints. Josh has always found wisdom in listening to the patterns of meaning held in experiences through his animation, storytelling and collaboration.

Carol Ann Carter
I make physical and digital objects meant to metaphorically reflect the connections between things: one individual’s particular character against that of another; a figure to its ground, a needle to fiber, the perceived space between ideas of use and uselessness. My work maps relationships, and engages unlikely partners (ie. I have routinely enlisted/utilized  furniture and walls as drawing surfaces). Working in collaboration with materials, ideas and project partners often results in the most unique work of my practice.
Joshua Kendall
Story is the foundation of the human experience and I love uncovering the hidden narrative woven in everyone’s individual experience. I bring clarity to people just by listening and helping them translate their own thoughts into their true intentions. Storytelling is my artform that uses found footage and intent to color the scene as we witness the overlapping of meanings and narratives that create a tactile environment. My true talent is my ability to collaborate and seamlessly turn ideas into reality


August 4, 2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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