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Figuratively Speaking

October 10, 2019 - November 1, 2019

Gallery graphic for Figuratively Speaking, Stevinson and Trujillo

Common Space Gallery is proud to announce Figuratively Speaking, an exhibition by Peter Stevinson and Louis Trujillo. Figuratively Speaking explores the role empathy plays in the politics of gender. The exhibition will be open from October 10 – November 1. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, October 10, from 5-8 PM.

After witnessing the tragic events happening to women in the world, Peter Stevinson decided to create a drawing reimagining DaVinci’s The Last Supper, focusing on the empathy he felt for the women in these awful situations. In his artist statement for the drawing, Stevinson explains:

“These tragic occurrences stirred emotions that I couldn’t explain – there was so much hurt and pain being witnessed, highlighting the ugliness life offers.  I had no idea how to process this.  A person whom I reached out to made the statement, “Maybe you can show the beauty and good the world can offer through your artwork.”  And so, I knew that I needed to change the narrative of my drawing to fulfill the emotional closure needed to work through the pain and hurt that was being witnessed and processed.

“My intention was to capture a similar experience [to The Last Supper] for viewers – create an image they could get lost in for a little bit, forgetting about their hurt, pain, loneliness, mourning, in turn giving them a moment to relish the beauty of the present.”

Growing up surrounded by demeaning remarks about his preference for activities usually assigned to girls, Louis Trujillo was taught to think less of himself. Over time, he has been able to change that energy, finding empathy towards himself that granted him comfort in his identity. He explains in his artist statement:

“Self-love and acceptance is a daily practice for me because I have been nurtured to believe of myself as less than others. I am at a point in my life where I will stop putting value into negative opinions about me. My colored pencil self-portraits are a reflection of this epiphany. The vulnerable images portray different aspects of myself that I was once ashamed of and now celebrate. They are the culmination of an experience that is undoubtedly shared by other gay individuals… I open the platform for my audience to confront their own judgments toward individuals that they may not consider as equal to themselves. Realistic portraits help to start this conversation. With open minds, society can move toward a future that is all-inclusive.”

Food for the opening will be provided by Damaris Ronkanen, owner of Cultura Chocolate. Cultura Chocolate have been members in the Maker’s Kitchen at Art Gym for three years, and we are thrilled to celebrate their success with their soon to open chocolate factory and cafe in the Westwood neighborhood of Denver.


October 10, 2019
November 1, 2019
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