Explore the possibilities

Evolve as an artist right here at Art Gym through our education programs. With two pathways to choose from, explore our workshops to expand your techniques or engage in our Create Now! Series to learn how to use equipment that’s new to you. Uncover a new passion, brush up on a skill, start your journey as a lifelong learner today at Art Gym. Open to members and the public.

Create Now! Series

Members must be certified to use the equipment in the metalsmithing, lapidary, or printmaking workspaces at Art Gym. So, we’re bringing the certification training right to you. Together with Denver area art studios, instructors will teach you how to safely use equipment that’s new to you. Then, you will design and build your first project. Not only will you earn your certificate to use the equipment, but you will gain an education that will enrich your Art Gym experience.

Hands-on-learning, expert instructors, at a space you already love. Create Now! Series only at Art Gym.


Workshops at Art Gym are designed to give you the opportunity to explore new avenues for your artistic practice. Art Gym members can use our space to teach their own workshops. Art Gym also partners with like-minded organizations and guest teachers to offer continuing education opportunities to our members and outside artists.