Art Services

Art Services

Interested in making a one-off project but don’t know how? Or maybe you need digital graphics assistance? Art Services is a great resource for our Members to achieve projects and tasks they may not be as familiar with.

Services include showing you how to use Art Services equipment yourself, designing your business card, postcards, etc., digitally print and bind your projects, take photographs of your artwork, prep your silkscreen screens, grind your litho stones, provide Adobe training or help you with your website.


Some ideas for what Art Services can do for you:

  • Cricut cut pieces for a larger installation
  • Print and bind zines
  • Document and edit photos for your website
  • Learn to use Adobe programs for design
  • Turn your artwork into greeting cards
  • Have your artwork photographed for the Art Gym online shop
  • Print films for silk-screen or photo-litho
  • Have logos and other branding designed
  • Anything else your mind can dream up!

Request Art Services

Art Services can be done by members themselves at a discounted price. Those services include:

  • Scanning
  • Printing (including large format)
  • Cutting (trimming)
  • Binding
  • Artwork photography
  • Silkscreen prep
  • Litho stone grinding

You can book self service items through the booking page similiar to booking on-demand equipment.

Your art service can also be done by Art Gym staff. Those services include all of the above plus

  • Adobe training
  • Graphic design
  • Website consulting

If you would like Art Gym to work on your project please set up an appointment via the booking page to go over how we can best help.

Art Services by Art Gym Samples

Alt Text

Art Gym Family Recipe Book

Artist books, zines, artwork catalogues, and other binding projects are possible through Art Services. We used Art Services to produce the Art Gym Family Recipe Book. From graphic design and layout, printing services, and bindery, Art Services can help with any step in this kind of project.

The services needed to produce this project include:

  • Graphic design                                                                  $20/hour
  • Multipage printing                                                           37¢/sheet
  • Bindery (including folding and saddle stitching)        5¢/booklet

Total cost to produce 20 copies                                           $85.40

Alt Text

Bears Ears Resist by Printmaking Member Lynn Mandzuik

Fine art printing of digital works, photography, or reproductions can be a challenge for artists to find. Art Services can help by making the prints here at Art Gym on our wide format Epson inkjet printer. The final size of this piece is 8 x 10”.

The services needed to produce this project include:

  • Large format printing                                                       $13/sq ft

Total cost for 8″x10″ print                                                          $7.22

Alt Text

Tall Tales no. 1 by Printmaking Member Heather Hanson

Quality photo documentation is essential for practicing artists. Some artists might have the skills but lack the lighting setup. Some artists might not know how to properly document their work. While other artists just simply don’t want to do it themself. Hire Art Services hourly to photograph your artwork, and we’ll put it up on our online shop while we’re at it.

The services needed to produce this project include

  • Photograph artwork                                                         $20/hour
  • Upload to Art Gym Online Shop                                               Free
    (contact our Artist Mentor to participate on our Online Shop)

Total cost to photograph 4 pieces of artwork                         $20