About Art Gym


Art Gym was founded by an artist with one goal in mind: to help artists make art, and keep making art.

After years in a variety of art programs, including a BFA from CSU, four years of printmaking at Metro, and studying metalsmithing at Red Rocks Community College and Arapahoe Community College, Art Gym founder Vickie Stevinson (graphic designer and lover of printmaking, metalsmithing and lapidary) felt that life as a working artist lacked some fundamental things. Finding the kind of camaraderie and synergy that existed in art school was difficult, and so was accessing the full range of equipment she needed.

Vickie was given an opportunity and decided to create Art Gym–a shared workspace that enables artists to create across many artistic platforms and disciplines. Art Gym was designed to be as cost-effective as possible, so artists are freed from the need to rent a private studio or purchase their own expensive equipment. Each discipline has its own dedicated work area and equipment, designed with minimal physical barriers to encourage engagement, sharing, and collaboration.

Art Gym is a place where seasoned and emerging artists from different backgrounds can connect, develop ideas, and be inspired by the creative energy of others working around them.