Screen Print

Printmakers have access to a dedicated, light-safe room suited for all screen preparation needs. Coat, expose, washout, reclaim, dry and store your screens all in one convenient room.

The main print studio has multiple hinge clamp stations fastened to large, mobile tables designed to handle screens up to 31×40. Art Gym’s screen print area is designed and set up for flat stock, acrylic ink, fine art printing. (Sorry, we’re not a t-shirt printing studio!)


Screen Reservation$1 per day.
Don’t own your own screen? No problem; reserve and use one of our 23×31 screens. Three different mesh counts available.

Screen Prep Fee$3 per screen.
Whether you reserve and use one of our screens or bring your own, every screen costs only $3 to prepare using our in-house emulsion. No outside emulsion is allowed. Cost includes: emulsion, reclaimer, degreaser.


Contact our printmaking director for more info.

Area Assets


  • 20 aluminum screens, each 23×31. Various mesh counts. Rentable by the day.
  • Bring and store your own screen if you desire!

Exposure Unit

  • NuArc MSP 3140. Can expose screens as large as 31x40.


  • Large, Ranar Econo XL washout sink booth with dual water sources including pressure washer. Can handle screens up to 40x46.


  • In-house ImageStar emulsion + stencil reclaiming chemistry.
  • 18” wide dual-edge emulsion scoop coater.


  • Multiple squeegees all 70 durometer: 7, 11 and 15 inches wide.
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