Intaglio (Etching) & Relief

The main printmaking studio has three intaglio presses, (and yes, you can use these same presses to print your relief prints!). We welcome all styles of printmaking: woodcut, linocut, etching, Solarplate™, drypoint, monoprint, collagraph, mezzotint, aquatint, etc.

Printmakers have access to a dedicated etching room set up for copper plate etching with horizontal ferric chloride baths. Use our in-house hard ground or bring your own. (Sorry, no nitric acid for zinc plates).


Shared Press Access $5 per daily use.
Printmaking members can use our intaglio presses during member hours with shared, community, press use. Rags, tarlatan, and non-toxic cleaners included.



Do you need private access to an intaglio press to print an edition? We can accommodate you. Contact our printmaking director for details and rates.

Contact our printmaking director for more info.

Area Assets


  • Griffin press, motorized:  32×55 bed, 28×42 max print area.
  • Griffin press, motorized:  32×62 bed, 30×46 max print area, micro-dial gauges.
  • Praga press, hand operated: 30×54 bed.

Tarlatan & Rags & Cleaners

We stock them for you. No need to bring your own! Our cleaners are non-toxic (we do have some solvents if you absolutely need them).

Rollers & Brayers

We have tons of brayers and 10 rubber composition rollers of various sizes and roll out lengths for all your printmaking needs. Chose the size roller that best suits your project.

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