Intro to Stone Lithography Workshop with Gregory Santos

6:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings for three weeks: Sept. 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

This workshop will be a fast-paced introduction to the stone lithography medium. Students will learn the process of preparing a stone, drawing with grease crayons, etching, and printing. Students will work in a team, assisting one another to learn how to sponge, proof, and edition their artwork. Each student will print one small edition from their stone.

NOTE: The stone lithography process is a ton of work and requires attention to detail and patience.
Limited to 2 participants. All materials included. No experience necessary.
To request registration information, email Gregory at


Flush Setting Workshop with Randy Burns

10am – 5pm on Wednesday, Sept. 20

Learn to flush set round stones into a thick sheet of silver. In flush settings, the top surface of the gemstone and the surrounding metal are both on the same plane. … In other words, the gem is “flush” with the surface of the metal. There are no prongs or bezel settings in the flush setting style. Some experience in metalsmithing required.
 To request registration information, email Randy at


POSTCARDS FROM Denver, a 4-day Plein-air Watercolor Workshop

9:30am-4pm, Thursday, Sept. 28-Sunday, October 1

Art Gym member, Leon Loughridge will be co-teaching with Marjorie Leggitt, a 4-day plein-air watercolor primer and workshop. “Grab your camp stools and let’s get painting! POSTCARDS FROM Denver, gives you everything you need to get going!”
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Encaustic Basics with Gigia Kolouch

6:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday, October 17

Discover the ancient wax and resin medium of encaustic. You will play with the equipment, supplies and basic techniques. The curriculum includes translucent layering, mark making, and incorporating other media. You will learn tips and tricks for working with the hot wax to get the best results. If desired, a second workshop is possible that will focus on image transfer and collage.

Limited to 6 participants.
$65.00, all materials included. No experience necessary.
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Beyond the Basics: Drawing Challenges with Susan Rubin and Marjorie Leggitt

9:30am-3pm, Friday and Saturday, November 10-11

Let’s draw the tough stuff!  After all this practice, there are still things that stump you. That shadow in the interior of your subject seems almost impossible. Those insect wings that reflect light and show substance behind are so hard to capture. From transparency to translucency, from folds to crinkles, from spikes to soft, we’ll meet drawing difficulties head on.

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