Current Exhibition:

It's Time to Address'er Drawers

October 4 - October 26

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Art Gym Denver is very honored to exhibit It’s Time to Address’er Drawers by installation artist, Joel Armstrong in the Art Gym Gallery with an opening reception on October 4 from 5-8PM. It’s Time to Address’er Drawers includes a series of wire drawings depicting words and objects from a letter written by the artist’s mother. The drawings are found in and around a chest of drawers where the viewer can interact with the words and write their own meaning for the letter on the wall.

Time and corrosion are at the center of many of Armstrong’s work, including the pieces in this exhibition. History and meaning have a way of evolving (or devolving) through the hindsight of time. Information and facts change as we learn more about a situation. Growing from this idea, the experience of this work transforms over the course of the exhibition through the audience participation. As the viewer changes the order of the words on the wall, the meaning of the piece evolves. In the same vein, the exhibition also includes a series of rust and gold paintings, focusing on the temporal nature of the corrosion of metals.

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 9am-6pm

Coming Up

Come celebrate Dia de los Muertos with Art Gym Denver November 1 from 5-8PM. 10 local artists will be exhibiting traditional altars combined with contemporary art. Hors d’oeuvres provided by Art Gym with dinner available to purchase from Cultura Chocolate.