Current Exhibition:

Keeping House

August 9 - August 31

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Art Gym Denver is excited to exhibit Keeping House in the Art Gym Gallery with an opening reception August 9 from 5 – 8PM. Created by Austin, TX based artist Veronica Ceci, Keeping House is a traveling exhibition consisting of printmaking, installation and sculpture exploring the issues with labor in our country.

In Keeping House, Veronica Ceci brings together the three parts of her vocational identity – Artist, Housekeeper and Master Printmaker – to discuss the many issues our country faces concerning poor labor practices. Beyond the obvious differences within these three identities, Ceci focuses her practice on their similarities to propel her concept for the exhibition. She uses her role as an artist to explore the repetitive nature of Printmaking and Housekeeping, as well as them both being invisible except in failure. This allows for these two seemingly different aspects of her career to exist together in an art context.

Join us for an artist demo on August 10 from 4 – 6PM where Veronica Ceci will demonstrate the polyester lithography process.

Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 9am-6pm

Coming Up

Art Gym Denver is excited to show Narrative Threads in the Art Gym Gallery with an opening reception September 6 from 5 – 8PM. Curated by Denver artist and gallerist Alicia Bailey, Narrative Threads is a traveling exhibition consisting book and fiber based pieces from artists across the country that use thread in untraditional ways.