Have Questions? Here you will find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions. Not finding what you are looking for? Contact our membership team
How much does it cost?
  • Membership costs $100 per month. Membership is flexible with no contracts and members can pause and start back up at any time.
  • On-Demand extras are billed by the hour (or project in some cases), varied depending on the piece of equipment. 
  • This means our artists have control over how much or how little their creative practice costs.
  • Full Price List Here

What equipment do you have?

The equipment available in each area is listed on that discipline's page of our website:


What are the benefits of membership?

All memberships include:

  • Full access to open workspaces 
  • Discounts on classes and community events
  • Page on Art Gym website
  • Member artwork critique sessions
  • Resource library
  • Locker for personal items
  • Eligibility to participate in multiple members-only shows in the gallery*
  • Community wallspace for displaying artwork
  • Ability to teach classes within the facility*
  • Parking (limited number of spaces available on a first-come-first-served basis)
  • Member lounge
  • WIFI
  • Meeting rooms
  • Discounts in the café, and more.

*see membership for more information

Available extra amenities: 

  • Specialized equipment and workspaces across multiple disciplines of artistic practices
  • Also available are lockable worktop carts and materials/project storage cages. Please see membership for more information.

Is this studio space?

Not in the traditional sense- our open workspaces are a shared environment and members clean up and breakdown between uses. The goal is to facilitate the creation of as much work for as many dedicated people as possible while allowing members to control what they spend on their practice. 

Is there a long-term contract?

No, there is no long term contract, though we do offer discounts for artists that choose to pay for their memberships up front: 10% discount for paying 6 months up front, 15% for paying a year up front. For all others, we run month-to-month but do ask for 30 days notice if you are taking time off or discontinuing your membership. 

Are discounts available?

Yes, we offer discounts for artists that choose to pay for their memberships upfront: 10% discount for paying 6 months up front, 15% for paying a year upfront. A 10% student discount is available for actively enrolled students with valid/current ID. Only one discount can be applied at a time- whichever offers the greater deduction.  

What if I prepay for 6 months or a year and then have to cancel before that time is up?

Cancellation is still allowed even if an artist pre-pays to get a discounted membership. However, your refund is factored as if you had been paying month-to month and the discount is removed. 

Is there storage space? 

All memberships come with a small locker for small personal items and small materials. Lockable, rolling worktop carts are available for $15/ month, flat files are $10/ month and larger storage options are available in limited quantities – see membership for more details on sizes and costs.

Do you offer training? 

The expectation is that members are already proficient in their field, have the knowledge to work safely and efficiently, and are well versed in all best practices for the tools they are using. That being said, we encourage our members to teach through the space which means there are regular education and workshop oportunites.

Can I work in multiple areas?

Yes, members are welcome to work in any area they have qualified to work within as well as open workspaces. The only caveat is that the artists who have selected an area as their primary focus will be given first priority for scheduling.

Why must I choose an area of focus?

It is important for us to make sure our membership is balanced to keep equipment accessible. 

Can I bring guests into the common areas?

Yes, members may bring guests into Art Gym on an occasional basis. For example, all members have access to the meeting/quiet rooms and may ask a client to meet them here for a meeting. Or, a member may wish to show a friend or client where they create, and may give tours etc. Guests must be over the age of 18 and sign in at the front desk. Members assume all liability for their visiting guests and are asked to remember that our members are our first priority and guests are not intended to in any way inhibit the ability of our members to create. Guests that interfere with our members or in any way pose a safety risk will be asked to leave. If your guest wishes to create within Art Gym, generlaly you will need to have rented the tool or workspace that will be int use. This is intended as a courtesy to our members, not a work-around for membership.

Can I bring a helper or assistant when I work on the specialty equipment?

If an assistant is needed on a single piece of specialized equipment, they may attend with a member at no additional cost. However, if the guest is occupying an additional piece of specialized equipment, they will be billed to their host member at the usual rate. Helpers do not need to be a member, but must be over 18,  pass any necessary certifications to operate a piece of equipment and must be attended by the sponsoring member at all times. Members assume all liability for their guests or helpers. 

How do the meeting/quiet/classrooms work?

Meeting / quiet rooms may be reserved by members for client meetings, and private (clean) work. When not reserved, meetings rooms are available as quiet (clean) workspaces but must be relinquished for reserved meetings.  These rooms can also be reserved for classes or full day and part day sessions, but do accrue a fee so please check with member services for more information. Not suitable for cooking/dining/prep space.

Is there parking?

We have parking available to members on a first come-first served basis in addition to street parking. A limited number of spaces are available for food truck parking, please inquire for availability and cost.

When can I use the facility?

Members have access to the facility during all open hours, without limit. Art Gym strives to be open as often as possible and any closures will be posted well in advance. Current member hours are: Monday - Saturday, 9am - 12am, closed on Sunday.  Come create morning, noon or night!

How does the gallery work?

The gallery exhibits a variety of curated shows as well as a number of members-only exhibits throughout the year. All opportunities to exhibit will be posted and interested members can submit. To share your art with our curator, please use this form. Sharing your work does not submit for a specific show, but is a means of getting on our curator's radar.

Can I rent the space for events?

The first goal of Art Gym is to help our artists to create. Occasionally, this means an event will align with our mission, though typically we are not available as an event space. If you have a specific question about space rental, please speak with membership for more information. 

Who can use Art Gym?

Art Gym is aimed at creatives over the age of 18 at all points in their career track who can demonstrate proficiency in their chosen field. All members are vetted into the space and have to pass a review process. The goal of this vetting process is not to limit opportunity, but rather to insure a culture of work and creativity among a group of driven professionals.

Can Art Gym accommodate artists with disabilities?

Art Gym is built for complete compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We are wheelchair accessible and our intention is inclusiveness. If your disability requires special arrangements, please speak with our membership team and we will work hard to make sure your needs are cared for.

Does Art Gym allow service dogs in the facility?

Art Gym does allow registered service dogs in the facility under ADA rules and regulations. For more information please visit, www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm. Art Gym may request that proof of registration of a service animal.